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Best Wooden Fences for Texas' Extreme Weather

Living in Texas means sudden floods, blizzards, lightning storms, and hail damage--sometimes all at the same time. In order for you to prepare for this as a homeowner or commercial property manager, start with the right wooden fencing for severe weather.

Here at Bay Area Fence Co. in Baytown, TX, you can have everything from a free estimate to custom wooden fences with gates installed on your property. Find out more about the right wooden fences for Texas weather.

Bay Area Fence Best Wooden Fences for Texas' Extreme Weather White Picket Fence Purple Flowers
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Understanding Your Property Lines

When neighborhoods are first built, homeowners use the new fences separating homes as the default property line. However, technically, these fence lines may not be correct. They can be wrong by just a few inches.

The actual property line for one home versus another rests with the title documents recorded and archived with the local county recorder or similar office for official records of property ownership in the jurisdiction. And, as folks familiar with property know, things change over time.

Bay Area Fence Understanding Your Property Lines Aerial of Neighborhood with Fences
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Fence Material Cost Increases

A year-and-a-half into the COVID-19 pandemic, and we're still having to make personal choices on how much risk we're willing to assume when it comes to the potential of contracting the virus. But there are also many ways the pandemic is impacting life outside of public health and safety. For example, supply chains around the globe have been impacted by COVID.

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Different Types of Fences

For more than 37 years, the Bay Area Fence Co. has been installing and maintaining fences for businesses and homeowners in the Greater Baytown area. Along with an A+ BBB rating, we are also at the top of the class for customer service.

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