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Bay Area Fence Co.

Just a fence to you… A reputation to us!

Fence Rental

We offer two main choices for temporary fencing. Our pounded-in-ground temporary solution is a durable option that can be installed over hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete. The fence posts are securely installed 2 feet into the ground, ensuring maximum stability.

If you need portability and customization, our fence panels can quickly scale to meet your needs and allow for customizable perimeter control, making them a favorite among event coordinators and contractors. Installation is a easy, with no tools required, and they seamlessly integrate on various surfaces. Plus, when your project or event is over, the panels can be easily removed without leaving any trace behind.

To ensure even better support, our fence panels can be inserted into stands and anchored down with sandbags. Additional features like screening and swing gates are also available to enhance security.

With sizes ranging from 12-foot sections to 6-foot heights, our fence panels offer versatility and optimal area coverage. For added fortification, optional sandbags can be included, and horizontal and vertical cross bars provide extra support. And if dust or wind is a concern, we've got you covered with our Windscreen/Privacy Screen rentals.

Choose temporary-fence solutions from Bay Area Fence Co. for a secure and hassle-free experience. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us help you find the perfect solution for your site.